Go on a journey inward.

Heal & expand your capacity to receive

Access your higher self &
allow inspiration to flow

7 day program

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Go on an inner journey!

Are you a high-impact leader, coach, artist or healer that offers so much support others – but actually needs nourishing yourself?
Deep down you know that you are literally here on this planet to life a magically fulfilling life while serving others – but if you continue at this rate – you might very well burn-out and you want to make a change to elevate your energy so you can continue to lead & inspire others.

What if you could spend 7 days with a master artist & healer to finally restore your soul energy? 

It's time to go on a journey within that will elevate your frequency and leave your feeling restored.

It's time to make yourself a priority.

  • How do I release stress so I can connect to inspiration? 
  • How can I experience more peace through changes? 
  • What creative practices can I use to elevate my frequency and manifest my dreams?

Nourishing your Soul means building a sustainable life that nourishes you from the inside out with rituals that support you. 

Are you ready to  access your abundant self and release burnout?

Painting allows us to slow down the mind and acts as an active form of meditation. 


omething had to change or else I was going to crash.
I have healed from a culture of achievement, always wanting more & over-doing it - over-committing and always saying yes - when I really need to say no.
We are all on a journey of awakening. A significant realization that I had is that. I could live life on my terms.  Through following my intuition and creativity- I lead a life of possibility.
​After becoming a certified Reiki healer and top yoga practitioner - I have learned the most effective practices to support everyday joy, peace & stress-free living. 

When we are prioritize our selves- we live from a place of inspiration & joy✨​

We gain access to higher energy levels & live out the life of our dreams.

For years, I hustled and over gave.
Until I was burnt out, exhausted and ready for a change. 

My Life Story


at the end of Each day you will be:

A life-changing
7 day program 
to connect to your divine inspiration

And that’s why I'm excited to invite you to 

2 day Virtual Retreat with Hilary L hahn

GiveawaY &
 Closing Circle

✔️Access to expert guidance
✔️Receive group support
✔️Build lasting relationships

7 day PRivate
FB Support GROUP

Become a channel of divine inspiration through painting. Learn how painting is a form of meditation and active recovery.

Bonus Recording to Restore your Soul with Art. Relax deeply through watercolor painting.

Join us LIVE for the closing circle and giveaway.

Day 2: 90 minute session

Day 4: 60 minute session

Receive a powerful guided meditation and healing designed to instantly heal stress and allow yourself deep, restful moments.
Tap into source energy and deeply restorative states.

Day 1: 90 minute session

Channel your creative energy to awaken the creator within and live from a place of pure inspiration. 

For A Limited time 
Pay what you can
$1 - $111
Normally $444



My clients say: 
✔️They experience deep relaxation through meditative painting.

✔️They feel restored and inspired after exploring new techniques. 

✔️They learn how to access more flow, creativity and inspiration.

"Thank you, Hilary. Our session really helped me to heal from stress and ease my anxiety. I loved taking time for myself."

Ruthi B.

"I wanted Hilary’s support because I LOVE her vibe and I always feel like she can get to the crux of what I need. Hilary helped me realize that on the other side of fear is what makes me happy."

Carolina G.

"I highly recommend Hilary's program.
It's master teaching and all you have to do is follow the steps and you will have success."

Painting is a special way to engage the body so that you can go deeper into active meditation. 

Why Painting? 

Letting go is an important part of accessing creativity and tuning in to your energy frequency. We need to let go to receive. 

I find it hard to let go...will this work for me? 

No need to worry or be a professional artist. You will learn simple alignment and art techniques to use that allow you to tap into divine states. 

What if Im not an Artist?  



Receive access to the expert, the community and all the recordings for a week after the retreat. The private group is OPEN now!

Complimentary Access FB Community

Bonus #1

In addition to the 7-day program
You will get...


Receive a powerful aligned Abundance Activation on Day 5. 

Abudance Activation

Bonus #2


ReGularly $444

Pay what you can

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let's do this

If you knew how to find some space just for you? 
How would you show up to nourish others - after prioritizing you!

You learn how to open up and let go? 
Wouldn't it feel amazing to let go. 

What would your life look like if...

Let's consider something, shall we?

Join us this weekend On Demand
with love, Hilary

I have seen my life and my clients lives transform when they learn new practices to release stress, connect to source an awaken the inspiration within.

By combining powerful meditative techniques and artistic practices - you will awaken your inspiration, renew and elevate your energy.

It's Hilary here.
I am proof that awakening your inspiration & connecting to divine energy will transform you. 


Are you ready to find your center and so you can create your reality from a place of intuitive alignment.

 "It was lovely to take a break and participate. So grateful!  I haven’t played like this in years. Thank you again and again." 

Here's what people from the masterclass - have said!

Let's Recap

Say yes to elevate and expand your energy through meditative painting!

Say goodbye to feeling Burned Out and Uninspired

Sitting around thinking about expansion - does not create expansion. 

Accessing meditative & flow states through painting creates a powerful energy shift. 

How wonderful will it feel for creativity to flow into all areas of your life?