A sacred Business Mastermind + Special OFfer 

Alignment + StrategY

Spiritual Meets Practical= soul business

Elevate & expand
your soul business to live a life of freedom & abundance

 3 month journey

The mastermind
Join us inside: Legend

You a coach, creative or healer that has so much to offer the world

but, are you building a legendary brand?
If not, it's time to begin.

3 months from now you could be stepping into your next levels of inspiration and aligned abundance. I'm a soul business activator and I'm here to support you in growing your business and gaining momentum as you open to possibilities.

Imagine creating a business from a place of alignment and purpose
Growing your revenue streams 
Thriving in your private practice with your soul aligned offers: your workshops, programs, or collections.
Knowing how to unlock abundance as it overflows into all areas of your life - as you share your gifts. 

Deep down you know that you are meant to lead a life of deep soul aligned inspiration - and make a huge ripple of impact.

 You know there is more joy and freedom available to you on this journey - and you are ready to play in the quantum. 

Embrace your next
level success 

go on a 3 month journey
to turn on the tap to Creativity, freedom & Abundance

Are you ready to take inspired action in the direction of your dreams? 

  • How do I create a life of freedom and abundance? 
  • How can I create a business in alignment with my purpose & gifts? 
  • How can I create bestselling offers? 
  • How do I call in my dream clients? 
  • How can I go from stuck to momentum? 
  • How do I successfully market my offers?  
  • How can I break through to my next level of success?

Open to all the possibilities that lie before you, as you release blocks, overcome feeling stuck or self-doubt, so that you can call in your highest timeline.

Are you ready for accelerated growth without

Inside the program you will find freedom, expansion and abundant opportunities.  

I'm Hilary, an Intuitive Business Coach, soul guide and visionary artist. 

After spending years working hard, hustling or chasing the latest trend. I knew that something deep inside me had to shift because I was burning out - and I wanted to create a sustainable impact driven business.

After healing from a culture of achievement, hustling and never enough - I made it my mission to shift into a business of deep inspiration and soul aligned abundance.  

I learned to turn on the tap of magical manifestations through being in alignment with my purpose and following my inspiration wherever it leads.

I am so grateful to be able to share these spiritual business practices with others so that they can shift into limitless abundance and success as they make an impact with their gifts. 

After years of expansion, success and integration. I began this journey of guiding others back to soul aligned magic!

Living in alignment with my deepest values my intention is to elevate alongside other visionary women creating a soul-inspired business offerings⚡️

We are all magical & creative beings, yet we forget. We disconnect due to daily demands, outside influences, and illusion of limitation.

What if we released all of this?

My Story

Wild abundant success
Waking up excited

Clarity of purpose
Incredible opportunities flowing in
Relief from hustle
Daily hits of divine inspiration 

You will experience:

Legend: a 12-week journey to turn on the tap on to abundance, freedom and a soul inspired biz

And that’s why I’m inviting you to step-in...

Building your legendary foundations 
Planning for quarterly profits 
 Opening to abundance through your offers
Attracting your soul clients 
Charging your worth
Growing your private practice
Expanding your impact with workshops & publications
Alignment & playing in the quantum magic
Balancing masculine strategy & feminine energetics
Soulful Sales
Hot seat coaching
Launching in ease and flow

From the moment you join us, you become part of a powerful community and declare your intention to awaken, expand, & elevate your soul-led brand. 

Pillar 2:
Nurture & Attract

Visibility & Alignment

As you deeply connect to your soul - inspiration: your capacity to receive clients, money and opportunity expands. 
Resources start to magically appear - and we do this all with so much joy and lightness.

Create waves of  
increasing momentum

Inside the program

Pillar 3:
Expansion & Ascension



Join us for the founder's rate for $1.6K
before the price goes up to $2.2K
*payment plans available

Weekly group calls 
1:1 coaching 1x per month 



"Hilary has a strong mind for business. As an artist, I definitely struggle to focus on the business side of my work. It was such a help to have Hilary lend me her brilliant business brain in our session. Her suggestion helped motivate me to put out an offer that I had been wavering about for a few weeks. It was a great success! I highly recommend working with Hilary if you’re a creative struggling with the business side of your work."

Carolina G.

"I highly recommend Hilary's program. It's master teaching and all you have to do is follow the steps and you will have success." 

PAulinA P.

"Working with Hilary has been so helpful. It has been a catalyst for my growth and my life has been getting better and better. I am gaining momentum and now I am on a roll"

When you commit and take action you show the universe that you are ready to break through to your next level. 


Masterminds foster incredible connection, accountability, insights and direct coaching for an increased value. 

What are the benefits of a mastermind? 

Going from stuck to momentum
Launch your inspired offers
Increased Abundance 
Creative freedom
Soul level purpose
Business growth 
Abundant mindset 
Offer clarity 
Daily hits of Inspiration

WHAT results can I expect?

✨High-impact coaches, healers and creatives that are ready to create a legendary business in alignment with their gifts. 

✨Those who are stepping into new levels of freedom and abundance as they build a soul business.

who is this Program best for?


Valued at $1111

8 Core Biz & Alignment Trainings 

Access to my library of core soul business trainings and masterclasses.  

Bonus #2

Valued at $888

Private VIP community of visionary women for support and inspiration.

Complimentary Access To VIP Community

Bonus #1

In addition to the 12 week program you receive...



 Retreat guest Rate 

Special Rate 

Book With Inspiration Retreat



Early Bird $555 per month

Will Rise to $740 per month

Reserve Your Spot Session Today

let's do this


"I wanted Hilary's support because I love her vibe and she always helps me to get to the crux of what I need. Hilary helped me to realize that on the other side of fear is what makes me happy."

You were overflowing with inspiration each and every day.
You launched your most successful programs, offers, and creations til date.

You felt more ease and expansion as you shared your gifts. 

Calling more abundance into your life begins with practices that support your soul.

What would your life look like if...

Let's consider something, shall we?

Now enrolling!
with love, Hilary

I have seen my life and my clients lives transform when they connect back to soul and turn on the tap intuitive flow and creativity with the one-size fits all approaches many are teaching. 

By combining powerful practices- they experience a massive shift in reality and live a life of aligned purpose-
experiencing more joy and magic every day! 

I am proof that connecting to your soul inspiration and investing in yourself will transform your life.

Inside this program you align with your intuitive gifts.
This is not a cookie cutter program from a guru
This is a program where you are the powerful creator of your reality
This program invites abundance through wild hits of inspiration.
You will elevate your identity
You will go from stuck to inspired action
You will gain momentum from aligned action and experience flow 
Abundance will spill over into all areas of your life

To summarize this mastermind is not a one size fits all recipe

Let's Recap